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Musicians love to play and must, if they are to grow..

In 2009, a group of friends who happen to be trained musicians decided that although most of them had other day jobs, the joy of performing in a band offered the greatest satisfaction and true recreation, while further developing their musical skills.

The idea was developed, and Pernell Farley and his buddies formed The Waterford Music & Cultural Society. Having the heart, firstly as a music teacher, the society was fashioned to ensure that the younger musicians could benefit from the interaction with the more seasoned players, not only musically but through the discipline that’s required to play music well. And so, with the motto of “Up through Music on with Life’, this group has attracted over 50 regular music students of all ages who are coached and practice year-round every Saturday afternoon.

Over the years the program expanded to host a summer camp and has aided in the development of several young musicians, some of whom have turned professional and others have gone on to further their training at prestigious music academies in the USA and Canada. The expansion of members has led to the development of three community bands; the WMCS Junior Concert Band, The WMCS Concert Band and The WMCS Big Band.

They have performed at several charity functions, churches and corporate events over the years including in 2012 a performance in New York City with featured soca artist; Bigie Irie.  Every year in October their annual concert; “Tin Pan Alley”, is held at The Combermere School Hall and; in addition, to the Big Band, features new talent coached at the summer camp.

The WMCS Big Band today is composed of a blend of junior and adult instrumentalists performing a blend of the traditional Big Band Swing from the thirties and some of the more contemporary jazz favourites.

Led by, Arranger, BCC music lecturer, “Crop-over tent” music director and head of the WMCS, Mr. Pernell Farley.