EMILY RAPIER (GRENADA)Emily’s passion for the performing arts began at the age of four. She started to dance, and never stopped to this very day. As a member of  Spyceland Dancers  she became head over heels for dance.

In 2004, after hurricane Ivan, Emily moved to St. Lucia, and there she found her second passion, the steel pan. She began playing the tenor bass. After a year, she returned to Grenada to reconnect with Spyceland Dancers and to start her new bond with the Angel Harps Steelband Orchestra.

It was when she was in Westmorland Junior School, Grade 6, at the age of twelve; she discovered her talent of singing. However, she kept this talent to herself for sometime, then expressed it with her school and home families.During her secondary years she started to sing publicly, performing the National Anthem and one or two songs at ceremonies and at school. Gradually she sang out more, and more persons discovered her vocal talents. She was also continuously active with Spyceland Dancers.

It was also during her Secondary School years when she discovered that Professional Performing Arts was what she wanted to pursue in life. She knew that she had a passion for it from young and she wanted nothing more than to do that everyday of her life and to call it her job. In 2011, Spyceland Dancers took a trip to Canada to represent Grenada in the International Associates of Blacks in Dance (IABD) global conference.  Spyceland Dancers performed a dance at the conference that showcased the culture and elements of Grenada’s Carnival “Spicemas”. The dance was entitled “A Glimpse of Carnival.”

Emily auditioned for the BET Spring Bling Competition where she used singing as her talent instead of dance. She made it all the way to the finals of the show. Unfortunately before the final show, the BET Spring Bling Competition was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. After this, the footage of Emily’s performance was uploaded  to the web and her singing was now high in the public eye. Emily now performs all around  Grenada at hotels, restaurants & at concerts and festivals as part of the local acts before the international headline artists.

In December 2013, Emily auditioned for a place in a Musical Theatre school named The Urdang Academy in London, England by DVD.

In March 2014, she was accepted and offered a place at that school to study Professional Musical Theatre in September 2104 for three years.

Performance: The Voice of Tessanne Chin – Saturday 31st May – Grenadian by Rex Resorts 8pm.