Let’s meet up at the Naniki Music Festival 2019 for Three amazing shows, over three days at the enchanting Naniki – Suriname, St. Joseph, Barbados. Starring Joss Stone YolanDa Brown, Asher Otto & ItchyFeet , Nat Cole: A King's Centennial , Waterford Music & Cultural Society and Troubadours International. YolanDa Brown & Nat Cole: A King's Centennial on Saturday the 19th. Asher Otto & Joss Stone on Sunday the 20th Then on Errol Barrow Day – Monday 21st, the spotlight is on Troubadours International and a potpourri of local Acts !



Nat Cole: A King’s Centennial At The Naniki Music Festival 2019

Nathaniel Adams Coles was born in the southern United States (Montgomery, Alabama) in 1919. From dropping out of high school in 1934 to pursue his love for music full time, to being a champion of the Civil Rights Movement, Nat “King” Cole will forever be remembered as one of the most celebrated and cherished jazz […]